Sinister Symbols

The “Z” seen displayed on Russian war machinery comes from the preposition “Za,” the first word in the Russian phrase “Za pobedu” or “For victory” . . . may it never be!

A crossed  Z” is a sinister reminder of another tyrannical despot’s symbol . . .

whose Nazi armies and allies systematically slaughtered 11 million souls . . . 6 million Jews and 5 million other victims . . . during the Holocaust between 1941 and 1945, before he cowardly committed suicide in defeat.

Please continue to remember Ukraine, its people, its armies, and its leaders in your prayers, believing . . .

Actions in heaven begin when some prays on earth.”

Max Lucado

Tears of War

Ukrainian Child

I’m not particularly savvy regarding international diplomacy; politically astute; or a warmonger. However, … if this were your child … would you“…risk provoking a widening war…”  by sending jets for Ukrainian pilots to defend their country’s skies against a tyrannical despot bully who unconscionably shells and bombs women and children in their homes, schools, hospitals, and as they attempt to peacefully depart along ‘promised’ humanitarian corridors?

Bullies thrive and survive on instilling fear, and only back down when fearlessly confronted.

Please pray for Ukraine and its vulnerable children.  The fully vetted organization in the following link is directly involved in providing for their many needs, and can be entrusted with donated funds for them to continue doing so:


NOLA, my wife’s hometown, is definitely an ’interesting’ place . . . a cuisine delight . . . lively entertaining . . . awash with a menagerie of ‘colorful’ characters. However, it’s not a place I’d personally chose as a permanent address, ‘seniorly’ grateful we weren’t here for last week’s Mardi Gras festivities 😊.

Yesterday we enjoyed a breakfast at Brennan’s in the French Quarter. One of their signature dishes is Bananas Foster in which the server sets aflame the rum-soaked fruit prior to serving . . . a delectable arsonist’s joy 😊.

Our mini-vacation here has been somewhat bittersweet, ever aware the Ukrainian people continue to face escalating warfare on the freedom of their homeland. Please continue to remember these persecuted brave souls in your prayers.

Keep Looking Up . . . His best is yet to come!

NOLA Evening
Bananas Foster
Eggs Benedict
Breakfast @ Brennan’s
Mardi Gras aftermath

Day’s Finale

All things . . . save God . . . must end.

Of all endings, among my favorites are the unique masterpieces our omnipotent Creator chooses brush across the heavens at day’s end. Here’s a few of His sunset sketches from yesterday’s gallery.

Please continue to remember Ukraine in your prayers.             

Keep Looking Up . . . His best is yet to come!


As waves gently lapped at my feet, these footprints in the sand . . . soon to be forever erased by the surf . . . caused my mind wander . . . Who just said, “So what’s new?” 😊

Etched in the sand was a journal of two people who passed  by each other …

. Did they exchange a greeting . . . a smile . . . or just pass by in silence?

. Were their souls content, immersed in the beauty surrounding them . . . or quietly struggling with some issue?

. How many people did I passed by today who perhaps a greeting of smile may have somehow encouraged a smidgen?

Not that we should all strive to be over-the-top extroverts, but have you ever had a ‘tinge’ of  . . . I Shouda’, Woulda’ Coulda’ . . . said something to that person, or at least tossed a smile their way to perhaps inspire their day a tad?  . . . I have, but that moment has now been washed away by life’s waves.

So today I vow to be more sensitive to those making footprints in the sand strolling the beach with me, should I sense that ‘tinge’ to share a greeting or smile with.

The risk is facing an annoyed, “What’s up with you Dude?” glance . . . but at least my ‘tinge’ will have been satisfied 😊

Keep Looking Up . . . His best is yet to come!

Courage Under Fire – Postscript

Once again I blessedly awoke to Gulf of Mexico surf lapping shoreline, while on the other side of the world the Ukrainian people continue to bravely oppose Russian forces’ senseless, escalating bombing and shelling assault on their freedom.

President Zelinskyy steadfastly continues to defy his country’s tyrannical enemy, and someone shared this recent bold warning of his directed at President Putin . . .

No bunker is strong enough to protect you from God.”

Courageous, wise, humble, God fearing . . . the rare kind of political leadership kind so lacking in today’s world.

Please continue to pray for President Zelinskyy and the Ukrainian people for the comfort, peace, and wisdom only God can provide during this horrendous situation enacted by a godless ruler.