Thankful #s

This 2020 Thanksgiving, as rising Covid-19 numbers dominate the headlines, I’m thankful by the numbers for:

Time – I’ve been granted some 28,500 days, 685,000 hours, 40,000,000 minutes to enjoy the undeserved blessings of . . .

Health – some2,800,000,000 healthy heartbeats, and still ticking

Abundance – food, homes, clothing, utilities, transportation, communication, resources, etc. in portion over 91% of those I share this planet with have never known

Nature – 422 National Parks “…from sea to shining sea…”, and a world beyond have been mine to explore and delight in the unfathomable wonders of His creation

Kids – 3 by stork, 3 by plane, each a precious, unique, infinite time capsule entrusted to me but for a moment in time who, despite my failures, will endure by His grace to change the future

Family & Friends – countless . . . each a matchless blessing placed along my life’s journey at the right time and place to help lighten my load . . . Thank You!

United States  – born into the “Land of the Free” in an ever more uncertain, chaotic world where freedom is becoming an ever more uncommon, cherished amenity

Love – “…the greatest of these…”, has been graciously shown and given to me beyond measure in each of the above.

I M Blessed . . . U R 2 . . . Happy Thanksgiving!

Keep Looking Up

I’ve Won The Lottery!

Foothills Parkway switchbacks through the forests bordering the eastern edge of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee. It also borders the edge of the forested property where Ellie and I snowbird each winter.

The rolling forested contours of our  Smokies backyard compared to our northern Last Frontier’s backyard with its rugged snowcapped mountains, are as diverse as cornbread and sourdough . . . I still prefer sourdough 😊. However, each of these majestic corners of His creation possess their own incomparable, awe inspiring beauty.

This evening we watched in wonder together as the sun dipped below the mountains, setting the heavens on fire above our southern backyard . . . I’ve won the lottery! . . . so undeservedly blessed to claim each as my own backyard to enjoy and explore. Here’s a few pics of my lottery winnings.

“One generation commends Your works to another; they tell of Your mighty acts. They speak of Your glorious majesty…” – Psalm145:4-5

I M Blessed . . . May U B 2                                  +
Keep Looking Up