Snow’s 3 Dialects

Snow talks, and has 3 distinct dialects. Trudging through it above 25 degrees it merely whispers. From 25 down to zero it begins to crunch, the lower the louder. At zero down to -50 it squeaks. Below -50 you begin to squeak, and better get back inside ASAP! 😊

Today I bid farewell to October enjoying a loud ‘crunch’ hike. Following a snow-machine track 3 miles up into the mountains, I eventually broke trail to trudge on to a higher vantage point.

There’s an indescribable, delicate beauty in the silence of a snow laden forest. My trudging ceased . . . I ‘listened’ in awe. Here’s a few pics of my ‘snow talk’ wander, and the exquisite silence I ‘heard’.

Currently the thermometer is registering 5 degrees and headed for zero. Hopefully I’ll be able to ‘squeak’ out another hike tomorrow 😊.

I M Blessed . . . May U B 2

Keep Looking Up

Snow-machine Track
Breaking Trail
Red Mt.
King Mt.

5 Degrees of Majesty

As October winds down it’s getting easier to determine the temperature . . . 5 degrees . . . I only need one hand to count on now 😊.  Perfect day for a hike in the Last Frontier’s invigorating crisp, pure air.

Here’s a couple exquisite scenes He decorated this ‘cool’, single digit corner of creation with today.  Hopefully, someday you’ll be able to experience it first-hand . . . just remember to pack your mittens and long-johns 😊.

The breath of God produces ice, and the broad waters become frozen.”


Hope this finds you healthy, happy, and enjoying all the good that still exists in this tumultuous world during these uncertain times.
Keep Looking Up

Fish Lake & Talkeetna Range
Frozen Shadow Art

Ice Fog

Ice fog is a Greatland wintertime phenomenon that occurs when minute ice crystals are suspended in the air. It requires ‘cool’ temps, and with the thermometer registering 27 we qualified 😊.  Tinged with a sunset’s hues generates creationscapes that defy description. Such was the ethereal exhibition we enjoyed a front row seat at this evening.

The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of His hands. – Psalm 19:1
We R Blessed . . . May U B 2

Ice Fog @ Day’s Rnd
Farmland Ice Fog Sunset
Mat-Su Valley Sunset
Chugach Mts. Sunset

Not A Parakeet

Admittedly, Alaskans are a tad unique. Their lifestyle, behavior and preferences are often regarded as somewhat peculiar by those residing in the Lower 48.

Thought y’all might enjoy a few pics of my neighbor with his ‘peculiar’ pet  . . . it’s no parakeet 😊

May all your flights be happy, and your feathers remain unruffled 😊                                  +
Keep Looking Up

Falconer with Siberian Goshawk

20 Degree Beauty

A crisp, 20-degree dawn revealed a fresh blanket of snow, beckoning from the blazing hearth to wander the pristine winter-wonderland awaiting outside.

A final Sockeye salmon run spawned, muted beneath frigid waters’ skim ice as it slowly morphed into shimmering crystal designs along Matanuska River’s rocky shores. Surrounded by the Chugach Range’s brilliant white towering cathedrals, I stood in awe . . . eye candy for the soul! 

“God’s breath sends the ice, freezing wide expanses of water”. – Job 37:10

 I M blessed . . . May U B 2

Matanuska River Valley
Mat-Su Vista

King Mountain Refection
Icy Spawning
Final Spawn
Icy Art

Precious Time

How often have your heard, “A picture is worth a thousand words”? As a parent, this one spoke 10 zillion words, evoking countless bittersweet memories . . . a poignant reminder . . .

Time is precious . . . Time spent with our children is priceless.

Rejoice, enjoy, and spend it wisely.

Keep Looking Up

Better Than Sliced Bread

What’s better than sliced bread?; a year of 3-day weekends?; discovering you’re in Warren Buffet’s will? . . . spending a Sunday afternoon hiking an Alaskan mountain with your son.

I M Blessed . . . May U B 2.

PS Please remind me to give Warren a call tomorrow and thank him
Keep Looking Up

Grant and Dad
Matanuska Glacier
Glenn Hwy. and Talkeetna Range
Long Lake

Termination Dust

Falling snow has replaced falling leaves in the Last Frontier. Up in the mountains yesterday ‘termination dust’, the mystical white line drawn across the mountains by winter’s first noticeable snowfall, marked the 5,000 ft. level  . . . soon time to hang up my hiking shoes and fasten on the snowshoes

“He sends the snow like white wool, and scatters the frost like ashes”. – Ps.147:16

Termination Dust @ 5,000 ft.
Winter’s First Snow in the Chugach Mts.
Happy Up High

Keep Looking Up