Humbling Majesty

Surprise Glacier – Prince William Sound, AK

Living in Alaska I’m surrounded by some of creation’s most magnificent wonders, each silently shout His majesty.  Among them, the Last Frontier’s massive glaciers instill my soul with an aura of His immeasurable greatness and my infinitesimal smallness. Such was mine yesterday floating among newly calved icebergs on Prince William Sound . . . I am blessed!

Glacier Fly-By


Nestled high in Alaska’s Talkeetna Range, Upper and Lower Reed Lakes are two small gems with a surreal azure color unlike any I’ve ever seen . . . my son has dubbed them “Bluetiful”.  Yesterday was one of those special 10+ days spent exploring His magnificent creation together sharing glimpses of eternity . . . worth every grunt, bead of sweat, and skinned knees climbing over boulder fields along the trek to view them.

Looking Down to Look Up

Climbing among His majestic mountain ranges, my gaze naturally focuses upwards.  Today I beheld His majesty gazing down at the smaller wonders of His creation . . .what an awesome God is ours!

Keep Looking Up