Growing Up Is Overrated

Today was one of those special ‘Life is Good’ days spent reliving a favorite childhood pastime . . . submerged up to my knees building a dam in the stream that flows by our home.

Birds flitting through a sun-dappled forest chirping nest gathering songs; salamanders scurrying away from under overturned boulders; sand imprints revealing a bobcat’s nighttime passage; bright yellow tiger swallowtail butterflies silently gliding through the air; all soothingly serenaded by the music of flowing waters  . . . for a few hours I was once again a carefree, wet, muddy seven year-old at play with Mother Nature . . . septuagenarian therapy at its best!

Life is Good (often) because God is Good (always) . . . and I am Blessed (beyond measure) . . . May U B 2!


Signs often signify crossings. Each of us once stood before childhood crossing signs, dependent on others for safe crossings.

Lord willing, each of us will someday stand before life’s elderly crossing signs, once again reluctantly and gradually dependent on others for safe crossings.

Each of our life’s paths will one day end before a final dual-arrow crossing sign.

There, the next step we take to cross into infinity will depend on our personal decision regarding life’s ultimate safe crossing sign.

Decide wisely . . . your eternity depends on it.