4 S Season

… and we all do fade as a leaf …” – Isa. 64:6
Snow yesterday . . . 23 degrees this morning . . . icily invigorating!  Alas, Alaska’s 4 S season has arrived  . . .  Splitting wood – Shoveling snow – Studded snow tires – Skiing (Hooray!).
Came across this quote in my reading this morning that, along with this pic, got me to pondering . . . ‘Hows come’ I find myself taken to pondering much more now than in my younger years? 🙂
“You make a living by what you get. You make a life by what you give“.Dave Toycen
Kinda’ makes me wish I could hit life’s rewind button and log more entries on the give side of the ledger.  Sad news . . . no such button  – Good news . . . I’ve been given today to balance my Living/Life ledger.
Be Blessed, and . . .



Keep Looking Up



One thought on “4 S Season

  1. Brrr. No snow here but 50 degrees, raining x 2 days now and very windy. However, I will take it over snow!


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