Creation’s Camo

I often wonder how many countless members of God’s magnificent menagerie I’ve passed by on my woodland wanderings without ever sensing their presence.  This pic testifies to the amazing camouflage Mother Nature utilizes to protect her own . . . isn’t evolution incredible . . . NOT!

                                                    Camo Grouse

Be Blessed, and . . .



Keep Looking Up

Life’s Clock

Glimpsing Eternity '16

I recently purchased a Fitbit.  It tells me the time, how many steps I’ve taken; miles covered; stairs climbed; heart rate; pulse rate; calories burned; hours slept; time exercised . . . amazing little gadget!

However, this technological marvel cannot tell me the answer to a question King David, and I suspect all of us have pondered, “Show me, Lord, my life’s end and the number of my days; let me know how fleeting my life is.” Ps. 139:4 . . . What time it is on my Life’s Clock?  Only God knows . . . but if you want to perform some highly speculative math, here’s a 2-step formula that will tell you the current time on your Life’s Clock:

  1. Current Age/Projected Termination Age = Your Life Factor
  2. Your Life Factor X 24 = Current Time on your Life’s Clock (military time)

Soooo . . . how’s that make you feel?  Probably OK if you’re in your 20s: somewhat sobering if you’re in your 40s; time to consider making a will if you’re in your 60s; What’s the # of local funeral home? if you’ve made it to your 80s 🙂  But . . . and here’s the unequivocal, unalterable BUT on His Clock . . . 20 may well be 80, and terminal today . . . Hmmmm.

Gadzooks Fred, you’re being pretty morbid here.  Ahhhh, but here’s a great, 100%+ guaranteed calculation to lift your spirits . . . just substitute Infinity for the Projected Termination Age in the formula and your Life’s Clock becomes pegged on Eternity.  This eternal lifetime guarantee has been purchased and paid-in-full, and is available FREE to anyone and everyone willing to authentically acknowledge Him as the guarantor of their life.

Too good to be true? . . . best news of all . . . It Is!  Sure has my Fitbit beat 🙂

4 S Season

… and we all do fade as a leaf …” – Isa. 64:6
Snow yesterday . . . 23 degrees this morning . . . icily invigorating!  Alas, Alaska’s 4 S season has arrived  . . .  Splitting wood – Shoveling snow – Studded snow tires – Skiing (Hooray!).
Came across this quote in my reading this morning that, along with this pic, got me to pondering . . . ‘Hows come’ I find myself taken to pondering much more now than in my younger years? 🙂
“You make a living by what you get. You make a life by what you give“.Dave Toycen
Kinda’ makes me wish I could hit life’s rewind button and log more entries on the give side of the ledger.  Sad news . . . no such button  – Good news . . . I’ve been given today to balance my Living/Life ledger.
Be Blessed, and . . .



Keep Looking Up